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Asbury United Methodist Church

6822 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN




The Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen


9:30 am Worship Service

(from 4th Sunday in May to 1st Sunday in September)


10:30 am Worship Service

(from 2nd Sunday in September to 3rd Sunday in May)



Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Rethink Church



From the south:  Take I-35 N to the Cody Street exit (251A);

turn right on 63rd Avenue West for .6 miles.

Go right on Grand Avenue .4 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


From the north:  Take I-35 S to the Grand Avenue exit (251B) on the LEFT.

Proceed west on Grand Avenue .8 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


Snow Storm Policy

If an Asbury Sunday morning service needs to be canceled due to a snow storm,
KDAL AM 610 will be contacted to broadcast the cancellation.
You will also receive an email (if we have your email on file) if  the service is cancelled.


Mission Statement

Asbury United Methodist is a caring, Christian community
which welcomes all persons as God’s children.
We will strive to grow in spirit & seek God’s vision of hope,
love & peace in the community and world.

April 22, 1995

Animas to sponsor Canadian tour to inspire.

Neptune Theatre – Fountain Hall 1593 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS – – Tuesday, May 3, 2011 5:00-9:00 p.m. The Great Hall 1087 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON – – Wednesday, May 4, 2011 5:00-9:00 p.m. Calgary Zoo – Safari Lodge 1300 Zoo Street NE, Calgary, AB. Admission is free to all events; nevertheless, seating is bound and reservations are required.. Animas to sponsor Canadian tour to inspire, entertain people coping with Type 1 diabetes Animas Corporation Hosts Diabetes Events in Halifax, Toronto and Calgary Animas Company is teaming up with Country Music Star George Canyon and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to web host a three-city, Canadian tour made to inspire and entertain people coping with Type 1 diabetes. Continue reading

A back again injury can collection you on your own back and cost you financially.

Back injury can place you on your own back and cost you financially Whether you’re doing large lifting in your ‘honey-do list’ throughout the house or just lifting groceries out from the car, a back again injury can collection you on your own back and cost you financially. Regarding to a tally of accident insurance promises submitted in ’09 2009 to Colonial Lifestyle & Accident INSURANCE PROVIDER, back again strain or sprain was the number-1 occurring injury . Here’s a consider the top five mostly reported injuries this past year: Back again sprain or strainAnkle injuryKnee injuryFractured armOpen wound on a finger Although medical health insurance helps purchase medical expenses linked to an accident, someone who has medical health insurance could be on the hook for a big deductible or coinsurance. Continue reading

Led by Dimitris Anastassiou.

Columbia Engineering experts develop breast cancer survival predictor Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Dimitris Anastassiou, Charles Batchelor Professor in Electrical Engineering and person in the Columbia Initiative in Systems Biology, have developed a fresh computational model that’s highly predictive of breast cancer survival. In earlier work, Anastassiou and his group had identified what he calls attractor metagenes, gene signatures that are present in identical form in many cancer types nearly. Dealing with his PhD learners Wei-Yi Cheng and Tai-Hsien Ou Yang, he required these signatures and tested them in the Sage Bionetworks/DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge, a crowd-sourced effort for accurate breasts cancer prognosis using clinical and molecular data. Continue reading

Biosafe is certainly gearing up its actions in the People&39.

The H5N1 virus jumped across to human beings in Hong Kong in 1997 initial, infecting 18 people and eliminating six and it had been only the instant culling of the territory’s whole poultry flock, which halted the outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance says the symptoms of the deadly virus act like the standard influenza symptoms and range between fever, cough, sore throat and muscle tissue aches, to eyes inflammations , pneumonia, severe respiratory distress, viral pneumonia, and other serious and life-threatening complications.. Continue reading

Are debating if the legal time limit for abortion should be reduced from 24 to 20 weeks.

Cases such as these are extremely uncommon and almost all terminations are carried out at less than 13 weeks.. British doctors debate laws abortion In Britain doctors at the Uk Medical Association conference in Manchester, are debating if the legal time limit for abortion should be reduced from 24 to 20 weeks. Although some out there believe advances in medical technology, which allow extremely premature babies to survive, means abortion legislation should be revisited, various other doctors and sexual health campaigners believe any modification will harm ladies who for a variety of reasons seek a late termination. The abortion time limit issue is not debated by the BMA since 1989 and the organisation has not as yet approved any opinion on the matter. Continue reading

Acne starts at age puberty and can last longer in years even.

Prevention from scarring is better if there are treatment plans available even. Prior to choosing an pimples treatment option, essential considerations ought to be followed such as the quantity of acne present, how acute may be the pimples, what is the cause of your acne, prevention of acne development, scarring prevention, pimples during being pregnant and breastfeeding stage. These stated cases may precisely affect your acne treatment selection. Continue reading

The anti-rape condom.

Women take drastic measures to avoid rape in South Africa, Ehlers said. Some go as far as to place razor blades covered in sponges within their private parts. Critics have said these devices is like something out from the Middle Ages. Yes, my device may be medieval, but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for many years, she told CNN. I believe something’s got to be achieved. And this will make some males rethink before they assault a woman. More info at the Rape-aXe website.. Anti-Rape Condoms Fight Globe Cup Sex Assault A South African doctor has created a female condom that puts teeth in the fight rape. Literally. The anti-rape condom, known as Rape-aXe, features rows of jagged hooks designed to put on a man’s penis during penetration. Continue reading

Dr Expenses ONeill.

BMA Scotland response to Wellness Committee workforce planning report Welcoming the publication of the Scottish Parliament Wellness Committee’s findings from the inquiry into workforce preparing in the NHS, Dr Expenses O’Neill, Scottish Secretary of the BMA, said: All of us welcome the Committee’s reputation that there surely is a require to increase the amount of staff, including doctors, in the NHS in Scotland and that there exists a pressing need to get a more focused method of workforce preparing in Scotland. Commenting on the visible changes to doctors functioning hours, Dr O’Neill stated: The Committee’s acknowledgment of the effect of the European Operating Time Directive is usually welcome as can be its recognition that it’s no longer appropriate for doctors to function excessive hours, risking patient safety potentially. Despite nearly a decade of discussion, the service didn’t arrange for these changes and is currently feeling the pressure adequately . Continue reading

Thursday Chairman Max Baucus said.

The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is released for, a free of charge provider of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Plank Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.. Baucus signals financing committee progress on wellness overhaul bill A group of essential Senate negotiators found a method to additional reduce the price on medical care reform expenses, bringing it consistent with a $1 trillion focus on and moving the Senate Financing Committee nearer to a deal, Thursday Chairman Max Baucus said, according to Politico. Continue reading

COPD: practical areas of case finding.

COPD exists if the post-bronchodilator FEV1/FVC ratio is normally below 0.7 and FEV1 is less than 80 percent predicted. The results of spirometry with symptoms and exacerbation frequency guides the administration of COPD together. Complex lung function assessments to tell apart between asthma and COPD aren’t usually required.. COPD: practical areas of case finding, diagnosing and monitoring Does my patient have got chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , and will it matter? Diagnosis of COPD is frequently delayed and a high proportion of cases in primary care are unrecognised. COPD is usually misdiagnosed in main care, as a result of not really using spirometry for medical diagnosis probably. Continue reading

Within an excerpt from her memoir.

By Associated Press Writer Raphael G. Satter.. Reserve recounts Margaret Thatcher’s decline Margaret Thatcher’s child says she first noticed that her mom was having memory complications when the former primary minister struggled to tell apart between your 1982 Falklands Battle and the conflict in Bosnia. Within an excerpt from her memoir, because of be published the following month, Carol Thatcher charts her mother’s decline – and describes your day in 2000 that she first understood her mother had been robbed of her storage. Continue reading

Thats because this is a diet that uses foods you almost certainly already have readily available.

I love to see that scale move. If that’s what you need, this course of action can help. The cabbage soup diet plan isn’t just eating cabbage soup for weekly. It’s even more interesting than that, and that’s a very important thing since eating just cabbage soup for an extended period sounds almost worse than having the extra that should be lost. The soup is really just a filler. You can eat all you have to whenever you wish. It’s filling but suprisingly low in calories, you see. You get to eat other food during the seven day diet. Only specific foods are eaten on certain days. In all cases, eat all of the soup you desire through the week of the dietary plan so you stay full or at least as complete as you intend to be anyway. Continue reading

Can colon cleaning cause more harm than good?

She said colon cleansing products, which come as laxatives, teas, and capsules, ‘tout benefits that don’t exist.’ For the analysis – released in the August problem of The Journal of Family members Practice – Mishori and her group looked at 20 colon cleaning studies published during the last 10 years. The studies show little if any health benefits, she said. But a colon detox can result in nasty unwanted effects like bloating, cramping, vomiting, electrolyte imbalance and kidney failing. Continue reading

When this takes place.

The poll was conducted throughout a recent webinar entitled, Suicidality Monitoring in Clinical Trials, with presentations provided by collaborators in the development of the eC-SSRS, including Dr. Kelly Posner, Director of the Center for Suicide Risk Assessment at Columbia University, Dr. John Greist, CEO of Health care Technology Systems, and Michael Federico of ERT. Dr. Posner outlined the need for improved and more standardized suicidality monitoring and advantages of the C-SSRS verses just documenting spontaneous adverse occasions. The webinar highlighted a more consistent and systematic evaluation also, such as eC-SSRS combined with clinician review, would even more clearly delineate the partnership between suicidal adverse occasions and medicine treatment with an increase of meaningful data within a report, along with across studies, improving pooled analyses. Continue reading

The credit for which goes to the cosmetic dentistry and its own various tremendous treatments

An Introduction to Dental care Implants in North Hills Getting back your beautiful smile earlier was never so easy, the credit for which goes to the cosmetic dentistry and its own various tremendous treatments. Tooth reduction has been one of the most common oral problems to listen to and it had by no means been any easier. If your concern is comparable then you need not worry anymore . With the advancement and modernization, today subheads a fresh term and that is cosmetic dentistry dentistry, the aim of which is by using various treatments to take care of all of your dental problems without any pain and present you back your gorgeous smile that you had been waiting for since long. Continue reading

According to a fresh practice guideline issued by the American College of Medical Genetics.

An accurate genetic test is designed for detecting the SMN1 gene mutation that triggers SMA. During the past, these tests have been primarily offered to families with a child affected by SMA-whereas individuals without a background of the disorder were not tested. There is no way to recognize couples at high risk of carrying the irregular SMN1 genes, apart from DNA testing. Furthermore as opposed to various other genetic diseases that carrier testing provides been extremely important-for example, Tay-Sachs disease, which takes place at high prices among people of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry-SMA appears to affect all populations. Continue reading