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Asbury United Methodist Church

6822 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN




The Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen


9:30 am Worship Service

(from 4th Sunday in May to 1st Sunday in September)


10:30 am Worship Service

(from 2nd Sunday in September to 3rd Sunday in May)



Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Rethink Church



From the south:  Take I-35 N to the Cody Street exit (251A);

turn right on 63rd Avenue West for .6 miles.

Go right on Grand Avenue .4 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


From the north:  Take I-35 S to the Grand Avenue exit (251B) on the LEFT.

Proceed west on Grand Avenue .8 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


Snow Storm Policy

If an Asbury Sunday morning service needs to be canceled due to a snow storm,
KDAL AM 610 will be contacted to broadcast the cancellation.
You will also receive an email (if we have your email on file) if  the service is cancelled.


Mission Statement

Asbury United Methodist is a caring, Christian community
which welcomes all persons as God’s children.
We will strive to grow in spirit & seek God’s vision of hope,
love & peace in the community and world.

April 22, 1995

Cognitive behavioral therapy brings relief to people with diabetic neuropathies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy brings relief to people with diabetic neuropathies, researchers find Researchers in Boston University School of Medicine and VA Boston Healthcare System have got found that cognitive behavioral therapy might help relieve pain for people with painful diabetic neuropathies. The scholarly study, which is the first of its kind to examine this treatment for those who have type II diabetes mellitus, is released in the March issue of the Journal of Discomfort. Type II diabetes mellitus is the most common form of the disease and affects more than 20 million Americans Working mechanism . Continue reading

Asthma connect to cleaning jobs supported By Helen Albert.

All privileges reserved. Neither of the parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Asthma connect to cleaning jobs supported By Helen Albert, Senior medwireNews Reporter Having a cleaning work and being regularly subjected to cleaning items significantly increase someone’s risk for asthma, suggest outcomes from a long-term UK research. Overall, 18 professions had been significantly associated with an elevated risk for adult-starting point asthma. Continue reading

Professor Maurits van Tulder.

Consequently, pain sensors in the muscles could become over-sensitive, resulting in a feeling of discomfort at lower-than-normal thresholds. Another theory is certainly that overuse of tendons by repetitive loading causes RSI. Diagnosis is often a difficult proposition. In most cases, diagnosis is made based on history and physical examination, including assessment of range of motion of joints, hypermobility, muscle tissue tenderness, pain, strength, and imbalance between correct and left limbs. Other treatments such as for example massage or use of ergonomic keyboards at workstations are also frequently prescribed; however three separate studies into these non-proven methods did not reduce ill leave in individuals who tried them, therefore none of these individual other treatments can be recommended specifically. Continue reading

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BMJ Group selects Thomson Reuters’s ScholarOne Manuscripts seeing that peer review workflow administration system Thomson Reuters today announced that BMJ Group has determined ScholarOne Manuscripts as the peer review workflow administration system for most of its journals. ScholarOne Manuscripts can be an innovative, web-centered peer submission and review application for scholarly publishers. We required a thorough and reliable remedy that could supply the right tools for every journal and each editor, stated Peter Ashman, Publishing Director BMJ and BMJ Journals at BMJ Group . ScholarOne Manuscripts supplies the unique capability to create personalized templates that help us increase our service to numerous journals at onetime. Continue reading

500 people diagnosed annually.

Such a late-stage diagnosis is normally fatal and can result in costly surgeries and treatments or disfigurement that can include removing elements of the tongue, jaw and cheek. All this could be avoided with early removal of the lesion. The hBD-3 biomarker is one of many innate immune peptides found in the epithelial lining of the mouth. In a normal, healthy mouth, hBD-1, -2 and -3 defend against the a huge selection of bacteria that continuously challenge the human disease fighting capability in the mouth. While hBD-1 and are on the frontline protection -2, hBD-3 is only found in the basal level where oral cancers develop. Continue reading

When steroids are becoming administered.

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Such as for example unprotected sex.

Behavioral interventions reduce STIs and improve condom use Behavioral interventions targeted at reducing sexual risk behaviors, such as for example unprotected sex, work at both promoting condom use and reducing sexually transmitted infections lengthy following the initial intervention, in the December 15 problem of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes according to a fresh report. Lead writer Lori A. J . Scott-Sheldon, Ph.D., of The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medication, and co-workers at the University of Connecticut carried out a meta-analysis of 42 research evaluating the potency of HIV-related behavioral interventions. Continue reading

Progressive form of blindness that impacts mainly males.

The trial’s 12 individuals will be treated in a single eye. It will require 24 months to know whether the gene-therapy treatment provides stopped the degeneration. The trial builds on gene-therapy analysis performed in collaboration with Professor Miguel Seabra at Imperial College London, along with Clark and During at Ohio State. This disease provides been named an incurable type of blindness for over a hundred years, MacLaren says. I cannot describe the enthusiasm in thinking that we’ve designed a genetic treatment that could potentially prevent it in its tracks with one single injection. Continue reading

S most entrenched challenges The American University of Cardiology is partnering with 1776.

Each city will create four regional winners in four categories–education, energy, health, and towns. The 64 regional winners will further compete at 1776's Challenge Festival in-may, a weeklong event in Washington that gives these startups an opportunity to forge deeper connections with the partners that will help them navigate regulation and quickly scale their businesses.. American University of Cardiology partners with 1776 to identify promising health startups Global Challenge Glass identifies entrepreneurs tackling world's most entrenched challenges The American University of Cardiology is partnering with 1776, the global incubator and expenditure fund, as an association partner in addition to supporting 1776's Challenge Cup – a worldwide competition spanning 16 metropolitan areas in 11 countries to recognize the most promising wellness startups solving a few of the health care industry's biggest issues. Continue reading

The joint federal-state medical health insurance program for the poor.

Kaiser Health News: The new health care regulation could shift billions in Medicaid medication rebates from says to the federal government by changing how the rebates are treated tamoxifen review . ‘Democrats included a provision in the health law designed to raise $38 billion over 10 years by requiring greater discounts from drugmakers selling to Medicaid, the joint federal-state medical health insurance program for the poor. Previously, the rebates had been divided between the states and the federal government. Under the law, a significant part of the rebates will move solely to Washington beginning this year. Continue reading

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She actually is everything to him.

Another possible therapy would involve regular mirrors. Ramachandran offers treated amputees who experience discomfort or paralysis within their missing successfully, or phantom, limbs with a mirror reflection of their healthful limb to trick their brains into believing that the missing limb has been restored to pain-free movement. Since autistics’ mirror neurons respond to their own movement, the researchers say, maybe their brains could be induced to perceive their personal reflected movements as the actions of another human being. We have a long way to move before these therapeutic options are a reality, but we’re that much closer given that we’ve linked autism to a particular region of the mind, said Ramachandran. Continue reading

IVAX Pharmaceuticals and Zenith Laboratories.

AstraZeneca begins patent infringement litigation against IVAX AstraZeneca announced today that it has filed a lawsuit in the usa District Courtroom for the District of NJ against IVAX Company, IVAX Pharmaceuticals and Zenith Laboratories, and IVAX’s mother or father, Teva Pharmaceutical Sectors Ltd. And its own US subsidiary, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, for willful infringement of AstraZeneca’s patents safeguarding NEXIUM lire . The lawsuit is usually in response to an Abbreviated New Medication Program filed by IVAX with the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration concerning IVAX’s intent to advertise a generic edition of AstraZeneca’s NEXIUM in america before the expiration of five AstraZeneca Patents: 5,714,504; 5,877,192; 6,369,085; 6,428,810; and 6,875,872. Continue reading

Spines ought to be removed with tweezers.

Potential drug allergies should be checked prior to starting any antibiotic. A doctor can suggest the correct antibiotic. Some antibiotics could cause sensitivity to the sun, so a sunscreen can be recommended for use with such antibiotics. Pain associated with a catfish sting may be relieved with one to two acetaminophen every four hours and/or one or two ibuprofen every 6 to 8 hours.. Catfish Sting Treatment Immerse the affected area in drinking water as sizzling as is tolerable usually relieves pain from a sting. Continue reading

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medication report in a new study.

Mackey and his Stanford collaborators have no financial ties to the ongoing company. Other Stanford researchers mixed up in scholarly research include Fumiko Maeda, MD, PhD, research associate; Gary Glover, PhD, professor of radiology, and John Pauly, PhD, associate professor of electric engineering. Previous Stanford collaborators consist of David Ludlow, Deepak Soneji and John Gabrieli.. Chronic pain sufferers may be able to reduce pain levels by studying their personal live brain images Chronic pain sufferers could probably reduce pain levels by studying their personal live brain images, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medication report in a new study. Continue reading

S have immune system in order that it episodes tumor cells.

Bayer Health care and German Cancer Study Center to increase strategic alliance searching for novel cancer therapeutics Bayer Health care and the German Malignancy Research Center can extend their successful strategic analysis alliance searching for novel cancers therapeutics by focusing their actions also on the field of immunotherapy. Immunotherapies certainly are a promising method of treat cancer with desire to to selectively reactivate the body's have immune system in order that it episodes tumor cells arcalion . For the very first time, researchers from the German Tumor Research Middle and Bayer will continue to work jointly in a joint laboratory located at the National Middle for Tumor Illnesses in Heidelberg to build up novel immunotherapies. Continue reading