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Asbury United Methodist Church

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The Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen


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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Rethink Church



From the south:  Take I-35 N to the Cody Street exit (251A);

turn right on 63rd Avenue West for .6 miles.

Go right on Grand Avenue .4 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


From the north:  Take I-35 S to the Grand Avenue exit (251B) on the LEFT.

Proceed west on Grand Avenue .8 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


Snow Storm Policy

If an Asbury Sunday morning service needs to be canceled due to a snow storm,
KDAL AM 610 will be contacted to broadcast the cancellation.
You will also receive an email (if we have your email on file) if  the service is cancelled.


Mission Statement

Asbury United Methodist is a caring, Christian community
which welcomes all persons as God’s children.
We will strive to grow in spirit & seek God’s vision of hope,
love & peace in the community and world.

April 22, 1995

Texas murder rates.

Annual meeting of INFORMS to take place at Austin Convention Center INFORMS Annual Conference examines cancer survivor/administration guru helping cancer patients, Texas murder rates, fourth-down conversionsWhen 4,000 experts in from laws about making use of your cell phone while driving to using math to choose whether to punt or pass on fourth down arrive to Austin on November 7, the town will see itself deluged not merely by smart individuals who use math for a living but also problem solvers who deal with America’s greatest threats tadapox.html . The annual interacting with of the Institute for Operations Research and the Administration Sciences takes place at the Austin Convention Center and the Hilton Austin from Sunday, 7 – Wednesday November, 10 October. Continue reading

Today according to a report published in the Lancet*.

Anastrozole drug reduces breast cancer in high risk post-menopausal women Taking the breast cancer drug anastrozole designed for five years reduced the probability of post-menopausal women at risky of breast malignancy developing the disease by 53 percent compared with women who required a placebo, today according to a report published in the Lancet*. The results of the IBIS II trial, funded by Cancer Study UK and led by Queen Mary University of London, can offer a fresh option for preventing breast cancer in risky post-menopausal women which works more effectively than tamoxifen and provides fewer side-effects. Continue reading

Bipolar Disorder Causes The exact reason behind bipolar disorder is not uncovered.

If a member of family has bipolar disorder, other family members may be at risk. Exactly the same twin of a person with bipolar disorder reaches the best risk for developing the problem. However, tension of some sort often is required to trigger the starting point of the disease. The disease will not occur just because of 1 gene, and the reason for the disease is probable a combined mix of multiple environmental and genetic factors. An interval of emotional stress Occasionally, drug use, a sickness, or another event appears to trigger the starting point of the condition. Stresses can also result in a manic or depressive show in folks who are known to possess the condition. Not everyone with serious feeling swings or a transformation in character has bipolar disorder. Mood swings could be caused by other medical ailments that need to end up being treated and diagnosed properly. Continue reading

Killing an estimated 69.

Within seven hours they reached the town of Dujiangyan, halfway to Wenchuan. There they discovered that hundreds had been killed when the neighborhood medical center collapsed. A Harrowing Trip to Provide Aid to Earthquake Victims Regardless of the acute needs for health care in Dujiangyan, the united team continued to push towards the epicenter in Wenchuan. They had to divert over 650 miles due to closed roads, and on the way their minivan was crushed in a rockslide. They reached Wenchuan 96 hours after the earthquake, only to find that the medical facilities there had been destroyed completely. In the days that followed, the team provided treatment to thousands of injured patients. Physicians were forced to ration scarce resources, leaving patients with the most severe injuries to die in order that assets could be specialized in those patients who could be saved. Continue reading

Board-certified bariatric cosmetic surgeon Michael Feiz.

Bariatric surgery could reverse type 2 diabetes Although obesity is a notoriously challenging disease to take care of conservatively, there is hope. Board-certified bariatric cosmetic surgeon Michael Feiz, MD, FACS recommends weight loss medical procedures as a remedy for morbidly obese adults who would like to get healthy forever. Bariatric medical procedures can potentially invert type 2 diabetes, as he has individually witnessed in his very own patients who’ve been treated with gastric sleeve and lap band medical procedures in Los Angeles . Continue reading

The total outcomes of the checks known as the National Kid Measurement Programme.

The total outcomes of the checks known as the National Kid Measurement Programme, will then be sent to each child’s parents along with advice on what’s best for their child’s wellness. Related StoriesObesity organizations take aim at says that deny protection of weight problems treatment under affordable treatment actNegative body image significantly increases weight problems risk among adolescentsStressed Latino parents doubly likely to have children with obesityParents nevertheless will be allowed select to opt out from the scheme, run by main care trusts, which along with the National Wellness Service provides services to primary schools. Continue reading

A Boston University occupational therapy professor includes a solution to the problem.

Spring may be the optimal season to apply healthy occupational therapy behaviors relating to Karen Jacobs, a scientific professor of Occupational Therapy at Sargent University of Health insurance and Rehabilitation Sciences and days gone by president and vice president of American Occupational Therapy Association . For all those wishing for a dynamic spring, Jacobs offers assistance to prevent injury and revel in popular springtime actions such as for example gardening, walking, and spring-cleaning in the real home. The month of April provides been specified as National Occupational Therapy Month by AOTA and by the occupational therapy system at Sargent University of Health insurance and Rehabilitation Sciences. Continue reading

Called aptamers.

Ramucirumab is usually a vascular endothelial development factor Receptor 2 antagonist that particularly binds and blocks activation of VEGF Receptor 2 by blocking the binding of VEGF receptor ligands VEGF-A, VEGF-C, and VEGF-D. Preclinical data show that merging VEGFR inhibitors with immune checkpoint blockades, such as for example PD-L1 targeted agents, gets the potential to improve anti-tumour activity. Robert Iannone, Head of Immuno-oncology, Global Medications Development at AstraZeneca, stated: We think that mixture therapy in immuno-oncology gets the potential to transform just how malignancy is treated. MEDI4736 is backed by way of a comprehensive development program and is definitely emerging as a cornerstone of our combination-concentrated immuno-oncology pipeline targeting multiple tumour types. Continue reading

BYETTA-basal insulin combination therapy receives EMA CHMP positive opinion Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

BYETTA-basal insulin combination therapy receives EMA CHMP positive opinion Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The CHMP’s decision is currently referred for final actions to the European Commission, which includes the authority to approve medications for the EU . The Commission generally decides on CHMP suggestions within 2-3 months. ‘The mix of BYETTA with basal insulin provides potential as a complementary remedy approach for several factors,’ stated Christian Weyer, M.D., senior vice president, development and research, Amylin Pharmaceuticals. Continue reading

From December 25 and offers moved its decision date.

Food and Medication Administration has identified that additional time is required to complete the overview of the biologics license software for ipilimumab in pre-treated advanced melanoma, from December 25 and offers moved its decision date, 2010 to March 26, 2011. Related StoriesOncolytic viral therapy authorized in the U.S. For make use of against late-stage melanomaDiscovery may open new doors to focusing on how melanoma grows and spreadsStudy looks at survival benefits of medical resection for melanoma patients with stomach metastasesIn response to an FDA request, Bristol-Myers Squibb submitted further evaluation of data pertaining to the current application for pre-treated advanced melanoma and the agency considers this to become a main amendment to the drug’s BLA. Continue reading

Army revamps its fitness tests Theres fit.

After declaring last summertime that some new recruits were ‘too excess fat to battle,’ the U.S. Army announced this whole week that it’s revamping its conditioning tests – a.k.a. The ‘PT test’ – updating its old test with new challenges. In the previous PT test – used since 1980 – soldiers had been required to complete two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and a two-mile run, according to created statement released by the Army. The brand new PT dispenses with the sit-ups and two-mile operate, substituting a 1.5-mile run, sprints, agility courses, rowing, and other exercises that measure anaerobic instead of aerobic ability. Continue reading

MEDIAN to show LMS clinical application portfolio at ITEM MEDIAN Technologies.

Canon, MEDIAN to show LMS clinical application portfolio at ITEM MEDIAN Technologies , a respected medical imaging software solutions developer and a ongoing service provider for picture interpretation and management in oncology medical trials and clinical routine, announced today it’ll demonstrate its Lesion Administration Solutions -LMS – clinical application portfolio together with Canon at ITEM, 13-15 April, 2012 in Yokohama, Japan. We have been working very closely with CANON Inc tadacip online uk . Since the signature of our long-term partnership , said Gerard Milhiet, MEDIAN Executive Vice President and co-founder. Continue reading

Antibodies boost immune system to fight childhood cancers.

Each of these antibodies binds to a different focus on molecule in the disease fighting capability, potentially heightening the body's own personal immune response to tumor. In the July edition of Clinical Cancer Study Published, the study shows that the antibodies raise the disease fighting capability to fight neuroblastoma – – a form of childhood tumor which grows from undeveloped tissue of the nervous system. They discovered that 40 to 60 % of the tumours treated with the stimulatory antibodies regressed in the laboratory models and ensured long-term survival. With an increase of aggressive tumours, the antibodies alone didn’t slow tumour growth significantly, however, when the researchers paired one of the monoclonal antibodies with a tumor vaccine called Survivin an identical survival benefit was noticed. Continue reading

Brain processes written terms as exclusive objects.

They demonstrated the individuals pairings of words, and used useful Magnetic Resonance Imaging to measure mind blood flow within an region in the left visible cortex called the ‘visible word form area’ as the individuals performed a reading job. Related StoriesLiposomal sizing and the Coulter theory: an interview with Professor Melvin E. KlegermanMelatonin and the circadian rhythm: an interview with Professor Kennaway, University of AdelaideNeuroscientists reveal the mind malady in charge of tinnitus, chronic painMost additional research using fMRI to examine the ‘visual word type region’ have utilized the averaged neuronal response where many term stimuli are shown and the transformation in activity can be measured, but this process will not tease out the response neurons need to individual phrases, Riesenhuber says. Continue reading

Healthcare providers are struggling to find out why-and the good reasons are many.

In addition to looking at static size and weight measures, the team looked at fat gain as a powerful process also, measuring not only just how much but how quickly an infant gained weight. Related StoriesObesity groups take aim at states that deny coverage of obesity treatment under affordable care actNegative body image considerably increases obesity risk among adolescentsTwo Duke weight problems experts' articles appear in the November problem of Health AffairsThe connection between speedy infant weight gain and later weight problems was striking, also after adjusting for elements such as premature babies or those underweight at birth. Continue reading

Mobile technology has already been bringing healthcare to places it hasnt been able to attain.

Award-winning algorithm improves efficiency of remote ECGs Today somebody in a remote control village in India has the capacity to work an electrocardiogram via their smartphone on someone you care about having a potential coronary attack and send to a health care provider in New Delhi for evaluation. Mobile technology has already been bringing healthcare to places it hasn’t been able to attain cialis-super-active.html . However, there’s room for error that may result in misdiagnosis still. Xiaopeng Zhao, associate professor in the Division of Mechanical, Biomedical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is certainly attempting to eliminate these mistakes. Continue reading