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The Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen


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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

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From the south:  Take I-35 N to the Cody Street exit (251A);

turn right on 63rd Avenue West for .6 miles.

Go right on Grand Avenue .4 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


From the north:  Take I-35 S to the Grand Avenue exit (251B) on the LEFT.

Proceed west on Grand Avenue .8 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


Snow Storm Policy

If an Asbury Sunday morning service needs to be canceled due to a snow storm,
KDAL AM 610 will be contacted to broadcast the cancellation.
You will also receive an email (if we have your email on file) if  the service is cancelled.


Mission Statement

Asbury United Methodist is a caring, Christian community
which welcomes all persons as God’s children.
We will strive to grow in spirit & seek God’s vision of hope,
love & peace in the community and world.

April 22, 1995

An area that manufactures most of the prescription medications distributed in America.

In March 2005, the FDA raided a Puerto Rican GlaxoSmithKline plant after getting reports that supplements of the antidepressant medication Paxil CR got split apart, rendering it hard for individuals to calculate appropriate dosages. For the reason that raid, brokers discovered tablets of the diabetes medication Avandemet that included improper dosages. The FDA offers been criticized for failing woefully to monitor the medication industry well enough to ensure that such errors usually do not occur, or they are corrected more quickly. Critics explain that the FDA frequently does not act until many incidents have occurred. The company says that it dislikes demanding businesses after only 1 incident, because it is normally hard to show that the nagging issue is systemic, as observed in the incident of the paint-flecked supplements, which Biovail claimed was a fluke. Continue reading

Class action law suit filed on behalf of kids with autism against ELARC Today.

Class action law suit filed on behalf of kids with autism against ELARC Today, attorneys with Community Counsel and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP filed a class action suit and preliminary injunction on behalf of kids with autism against the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center for unlawfully terminating the most efficient treatment for their condition interactions . DIR treatment is what stands between these kids and a existence of dependence, said Laura Faer, the Directing Lawyer of Public Counsel’s Children’s Rights Project. At an economic low point for California, this company could not have produced a poorer choice for these children or for the state’s budget., DIR may be the only treatment which has worked to regulate his violent, intense behavior. Continue reading

Brain-eating amoeba kills 9-year-old Kansas girl JOHNSON COUNTY.

‘You’re much more likely to die from drowning than you are ever out of this organism,’ her dad Shon Yust stated. ‘ It’s like one in a billion. This female was a one in a billion. Preliminary laboratory assessment has identified the current presence of Naegleria fowleri in a specimen extracted from Hally. Laboratory examinations by the U Further.S. Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control are pending. Naegleria fowleri is even more well known as a ‘brain-consuming amoeba’ that afflicts individuals who swim using bodies of drinking water. Continue reading

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As CMS nominee.

Tag B. McClellan stepped down’ . Dr. Berwick runs the Boston-structured Institute for Healthcare Improvement and can be a pediatrics and health policy professor at Harvard University. His focus has been to improve patient protection through the use of more systemized procedures to the medical field. Berwick, who offers Washington experience but hasn’t kept a high agency job, would encounter a massive task. The company must prepare for a significant growth of the Medicaid federal-state insurance program for the poor starting in 2014, as required by the health-overhaul legislation. This program is expected to add some 16 million Americans by the end of the decade as part of the new law’s growth of insurance plan. Berwick predicts in [the Institute for Wellness Improvement’s] annual report that wasteful procedures in health care ‘will become even much less tolerable’ and says ‘we can’t whistle in the dark about this any more. Continue reading

Hygienic conditions and sterile procedures are important in hospitals particularly.

Hygienic conditions and sterile procedures are important in hospitals particularly, kitchens and sanitary facilities, air conditioning and ventilation systems, in food preparation and in the manufacture of packaging material. In these areas, bacterias and fungi compromise the ongoing health of both consumers and patients. Researchers at the INM – Leibniz Institute for New Components have now produced antimicrobial abrasion-resistant coatings with both silver and copper colloids with a long-term effect that eliminate germs reliably and at the same time prevent germs becoming founded. The coatings are ideal for the application on huge and solid surfaces especially, on doorhandles and for textiles. Continue reading

A hormone shipped by the pituitary organ in the mind.

Cabergoline prevents your brain from making and discharging prolactin from the pituitary organ. Cabergoline is additionally used to keep the onset of normal lactation in situations where there’s a therapeutic have to anticipate lactation. Dose : At the true point when used to keep the onset of usual lactation, the measurement is 1 mg of cabergoline provided as a single dose on the initial day time in the wake of having a child. For prolactin issue, the proposed starting measurement of cabergoline for grown-ups is 0.5 mg for every full week, given in one or two 2 measurements for every week . The dosage may be expanded by 0. 5 mg for every week until a greatest of 2 mg for each week is arrived at. The measurements ought not to be expanded a lot more than at regular intervals frequently. Continue reading

Autistic Disorders Becoming MORE PREVALENT.

Autistic Disorders Becoming MORE PREVALENT, Need Early Intervention Some parents know immediately that something is incorrect. Others won’t suspect until their toddler instantly stops babbling or producing eye contact . Either real way, learning that your son or daughter is autistic could be life-changing. The concentrate on early intervention and recognition on autistic disorders has more than doubled during the last decade. A study released in ’09 2009 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance uncovered an alarming upsurge in the prevalence of the disorders. One from every 110 kids is affected now. The Autism Culture has considered the month of April as National Autism Recognition Month to improve awareness in the united states. Continue reading

Are Tanning Salons Safe?

Is this safe? – Anjali Despite the fact that many teens are into tanning, it’s best for them to stay out of tanning salons and tanning beds. Tanning at a salon isn’t safer than tanning in the sun. The Ultra violet rays that cause the tan in a salon are involved in the development of skin damage that can result in skin cancer. These Ultra violet rays also cause premature wrinkling of the skin. It is additionally vital to watch out for airbrush or spray-on tans. The FDA hasn’t accepted DHA for make use of internally or on mucous membranes . Spray tans may have unknown health threats because people can breathe the spray, or the tanner may end through to their lips or eyes area. If your daughter is defined on getting a few shades darker, suggest investing in a sunless tanner to use at home. Continue reading

That may detect plaque buildup in heart vessels.

5 years, one individual in the CT angiography group created unstable angina, while one individual in the control group experienced a fatal coronary attack. Our data are in keeping with current suggestions by the American Center Association that screening CT angiography shouldn’t are likely involved for low-risk sufferers who don’t have symptoms, says Roger Blumenthal, M.D., a co-author of the analysis who’s a professor of medication and director of the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Middle for preventing CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. Related StoriesNovel culturally-educated treatment benefits caregivers of individuals with schizophreniaNew Haven Pharmaceuticals' DURLAZA medication delivers sustained antiplatelet control for complete 24 hoursHeart attack sufferers diagnosed and treated for diabetes encounter improved cardiac outcomes Before we advocate for a specific screening test, we have to demonstrate its potential advantage and define the individual populations for whom the check will be useful, says Blumenthal, who adds a CT angiography check can cost between $600 and $1,000. Continue reading

Scientists compared them to females considered normal pounds.

It is apparent that in human beings the brain’s reward program helps to regulate food intake said Frank. The precise role of these systems in consuming disorders such as for example anorexia nervosa and, conversely, obesity, remains unclear. .. CU scientist talks about prize circuits in the mind Why does one person become anorexic and another obese? A study recently published by a University of Colorado College of Medicine researcher demonstrates reward circuits in the mind are sensitized in anorexic women and desensitized in obese women. The findings also suggest that eating behavior relates to mind dopamine pathways involved in addictions. Guido Frank, MD, associate professor director of the Developmental Mind Research Program at the CU College of Medicine and his colleagues used useful magnetic resonance imaging to examine human brain activity in 63 females who had been either anorexic or obese. Continue reading

Case Western Reserve University researchers have already been awarded a $100.

Not really detecting the marker at any stage would show that the processing has degraded the plaint virus RNA and could have also degraded any Ebola virus RNA present, Steinmetz said. ‘It tells us a blunder was produced and the assay needs to be repeated to eliminate a false negative result,’ she said. In any other case, the test could fail to detect the Ebola virus. Therefore, the patient might not be quarantined and treated, and those with whom the individual had close contact would not be tested. Dealing with Steinmetz will become Ruth Keri, a professor of pharmacology at the School of Medicine, and the University of Stuttgart's Christina Wege. Continue reading

Roche enter agreement to build up and commercialize Octreolin Roche and Chiasma Inc.

Octreolin is an investigational oral form of the peptide octreotide, a somatostatin analog that’s available only by injection commercially. Genentech will market the product in the United States after US FDA authorization. Chiasma will continue development through completion of the pivotal phase 3 medical trial for acromegaly. The arrangement includes an upfront payment to Chiasma of $65 million, future considerations of up to $530 million in development and commercial milestones, in addition to tiered, double-digit royalties on Octreolin net sales. Continue reading

Such avoidance of solutions supplied by doctors and psychologists is particularly acute among men.

Canadian men reluctant to consult mental health services Between 20 and 70 % of Canadians suffering from mental illness shun medical treatment. Such avoidance of solutions supplied by doctors and psychologists is particularly acute among men, according to a recently available study released in the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Analysis. In Canada, less than 10 % of the populace utilizes mental health services for problems ranging from major depression to schizophrenia hereditary hair loss . Lafontaine Hospital. Related StoriesResilience-based programs can help LGBT youths cope with bad stressorsStudy suggests a neural pathway by which early life tension may contribute to depressionDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMEAccording to data from the Figures Canada Canadian Community Wellness Survey, women are 1.5 times more likely than men to carefully turn to psychiatric companies, twice as likely to consult with a psychologist and 2.5 times much more likely to turn to a general practitioner. Continue reading

Images: F as in Excess fat: Top 15 fattest U.

Supporters insist that academic institutions could serve the same foods, just change to trans-fat-free of charge shortening and oils. The bill would require no changes to school kitchens or how food is prepared. Colorado’s best-known college nutritionist says the entire trans-fats ban is perform-capable. Ann Cooper, writer of the Renegade Lunch time Lady blog, is in charge of food support at the Boulder Valley district, regarded as the only public school district in the constant state that is trans-fat free. We don’t serve convenience food, we don’t serve processed foods, Cooper said. That is where the trans-extra fat is. Continue reading

Says a new systematic review.

G.J. Hofmeyr. The results had been less dramatic for females with opportunities for better prenatal nutrition: ‘Ladies from communities with sufficient nutritional calcium had a little reduction in the chance of hypertension, but no significant reduction in the chance of preeclampsia or various other adverse outcomes,’ stated Hofmeyr, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department, East London Hospital Complex in South Africa. The review appears in the current issue of The Cochrane Library, a publication of The Cochrane Collaboration, a global business that evaluates medical analysis. Systematic reviews pull evidence-based conclusions about medical practice after taking into consideration both the content and quality of existing medical trials on a subject. Continue reading