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Asbury United Methodist Church

6822 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN




The Rev. Cindy M. Rasmussen


9:30 am Worship Service

(from 4th Sunday in May to 1st Sunday in September)


10:30 am Worship Service

(from 2nd Sunday in September to 3rd Sunday in May)



Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Rethink Church



From the south:  Take I-35 N to the Cody Street exit (251A);

turn right on 63rd Avenue West for .6 miles.

Go right on Grand Avenue .4 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


From the north:  Take I-35 S to the Grand Avenue exit (251B) on the LEFT.

Proceed west on Grand Avenue .8 miles to Asbury United Methodist.


Snow Storm Policy

If an Asbury Sunday morning service needs to be canceled due to a snow storm,
KDAL AM 610 will be contacted to broadcast the cancellation.
You will also receive an email (if we have your email on file) if  the service is cancelled.


Mission Statement

Asbury United Methodist is a caring, Christian community
which welcomes all persons as God’s children.
We will strive to grow in spirit & seek God’s vision of hope,
love & peace in the community and world.

April 22, 1995

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The company is not aware of any very similar automated high-velocity chromosomal scanner in the marketplace. The company has executed a joint research and development contract with one of its equipment partners to comprehensive the CS300 in preparation for a nationwide marketing plan. The ongoing company is completing its consolidated GAAP financials statements for the entire year 2007 through 2009. These financials are released pursuant to paragraphs to , inclusive, and paragraph of Rule 240.15c2-11 and the OTC Disclosure Suggestions and will be timely published within the Company’s ongoing disclosure practices. Continue reading

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Are Weight Loss Shakes Safe? When it comes to eating losing and healthy weight, many people wonder if there is an easier way to have the nutrition they need. The USDA recommends that adults consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for each full day, which can be difficult for many individuals to actually incorporate into their diet . Others may have extremely occupied and hectic schedules which makes cooking a difficult move to make as well. Continue reading

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This noncash charge was powered by the upsurge in share cost. Revenue for Medical Assessments and Rehabilitation was $6,886, a 1 percent increase from the last year. Revenue for physiotherapy services rendered through the Eldercare and Homecare division was $9,931 for the quarter ended March 31, 2011, a 50 percent boost over the same period in the prior year. Related StoriesHealthcare technology sociable event of the year opens entriesAfrican-Americans who did not engage in exercise nearly doubly likely to misuse alcoholResearchers find way to make social media far better for improving exercise practices in peopleRevenue for Surgical and Medical Centres in today’s period was $5,140, a substantial increase from the last period due to the SSI acquisition primarily. Continue reading

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CDC obesity rates: Where does a state rank?

By phoning 400,000 Us citizens in 2011, requesting them about their fat and height. What did the study show? Overall, more than a third of adults are obese, similar to previously reports, but rates differ by state. State rates remained a comparable although the number of those with high rates went from nine to 12. That signifies that at least thirty % of adults are obese in Alabama , Arkansas , Indiana , Kentucky , Louisiana , Michigan , Mississippi , Missouri , Oklahoma , South Carolina , Texas and West Virginia . CDC: Not even half of Americans get enough exercise Fewer U.S. Children have raised chlesterol, gov’t study finds Colorado was lowest, at only under 21 % obesity, and Mississippi was highest at 36 % nearly. No state had obesity prevalence under 20 % and 39 says experienced a prevalence of 25 % or more. Continue reading

Big Pharma really wants to work medical experiments on your own babies Prior to the U.

Justice Division fined drug huge GlaxoSmithKline $3 billion to solve federal government criminal and civil inquiries due to the business’s illegal promotion of a few of its items and failure to statement safety issues – – like the hidden truth that the diabetes medication Avandia increases the threat of congestive heart failing and heart attack. Also, as Natural News lately reported, a report in the journal Character documented an epidemic of phony study data and fraudulent study , fueled partly by greed for grant cash, which also throws the complete accuracy of drug basic safety into question.. Continue reading

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Aquilent launches fresh vaccine government site to help citizens stay healthy Aquilent, the recognized leading supplier of Web-based solutions shaping another generation of technology for the federal government, today announced its advancement support part in the newly launched site, under contract with the U.S ssri . Department of Health insurance and Human Services . According to a press release issued by HHS,, which promotes YOUR VERY BEST Shot at Good Wellness, is the first cross-government website specialized in providing consumer information about vaccines and immunization, combining content and experience from agencies over the Department. Continue reading

Since 1990 its estimated that a lot more than 1.

Current confidentiality guidelines make it difficult for the HFEA to talk about its data on PGD kids with the relevant interested celebrations and specialists. That situation might modification when there exists a review of the Individual Fertilisation and Embryology Action later this year.. Baby gene tests safety ought to be checked Experts are caution that the long-term security of screening embryos for genetic illnesses is certainly going unchecked. Preimplantation genetic analysis is a means of checking an embryo is free from inherited illnesses before it is placed into the womb to develop. PGD is a comparatively new method and was introduced in 1990 while an experimental procedure initial. It involves eliminating a cell from an embryo when it’s around three-days aged and experts say that not all infants born after PGD are becoming adopted up to check on for any undesireable effects this may have. Continue reading

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S Research Speaks blog.

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Put together an automobile emergency kit which has: an ice scraper and a snow brush a handbag of sand, salt, or cat litter emergency caution triangles or flares blankets gloves or mittens a batteries and flashlight a first-aid kit booster cables nonperishable snack foods a matches and candle a cup in case you should melt snow for water In the event that you get stranded, stick with your vehicle and demand assistance. Operate the heater to maintain warm occasionally, but prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by producing sure your tailpipe isn’t stuffed or blocked with snow or various other debris.BackContinueRainy Roads Roads are dirty areas. Between wheels stirring up motors and gravel dripping essential oil and other fluids, a whole lot of oily and slick chemicals build-up on roads. Continue reading