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Cervical cancer screening: an interview with Alastair Atkinson.

How was the product developed? Prof. Costas Balas of The Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas conducted fundamental research involving bio-photonic imaging of Cervical Neoplasia. He continued to invent the patented technique known as Dynamic Spectral Imaging also to perfect the quantified evaluation of the cervix. What are the primary benefits of the product? The substantial benefits in colposcopic sensitivity produced by DySIS are avoiding more women from progressing to more complex forms of the condition where even more invasive and more costly treatments are required.However, ultimately a effect and trigger relationship can only be confirmed through randomised clinical trials.’.. Bone Growth and Pounds Gain In females, approximately 50 percent of lifetime total body calcium is deposited into bones during puberty. In men, 50 percent-65 percent of life time total body calcium can be laid down, with men having approximately 50 percent even more total body calcium than females. A woman’s maximal calcium deposition in bones happens during the initial half of puberty. Research also have demonstrated that both genders 1st experience a rise in bone width accompanied by mineralization with calcium.